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Performance Ranking of Region 7

USATF National Junior Olympics 2016
Performance Ranking of Region 7 USATF National Junior Olympics 2016.pdf (141 downloads)

This Performance Ranking reflects the amount of athletes that participated in the USATF National Junior Olympic 2016 verse the amount of All-American Athletes by Region 7 club teams. Age divisions 13-14, 15-16 and 17-18 were used to generate statistics shown in this chart.

Event Points are used to reflect the balance of individual teams in the following categories; Sprint (100m-400m), Dist (800m-3000m Walk), Hurdle (100mH-400mH), Field (All Field Events), Relay (All Relays) and Multi (Pent, Hept and Dec)

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RkPerfTeam (# of Athletes)/(# of All-Americans)TotSprDistHurFieRelMul
167%Trackmyspeed (12)/(8)1924310
264%Elgin Sharks Track (11)/(7)3434
360%Trackmyspeed-Indiana (5)/(3)151185
457%Full Stride Track Club (7)/(4)211
550%Chicagoland Youth United Performance (2)/(1)55
640%Pacesetters II (10)/(4)16556
740%Fort Wayne Express Club (5)/(2)1212
837%Tnt Track & Field Academy (22)/(8)14113
933%Central Illinois Speed Club (3)/(1)22
1025%Indiana Storm Track (16)/(4)55
1125%Warrior Athletic Track (12)/(3)413
1225%Body in Training (4)/(1)22
1323%Dupage Track (13)/(3)2323
1420%Waukegan Invaders (15)/(3)1818
1520%Calumet Region Striders (5)/(1)1111
1619%Windy City Hammers (21)/(4)33
1714%Vipers Track (29)/(4)144523
1811%Maximum Quotient Track Club (9)/(1)22
1910%Fishers Fire (10)/(1)11
20Brown, Tionna16133
21Crandall, Haylea1010
22Keyes, Brian1010
23Young, Kathleen1010
24Covington, Mikeisha66
25Meyer Jr, John66
26Urycki, Gillian55
27Maesch, Abigail33
28DeFoe, Michael22
29Goines, Haley22
30Phillips, Breanna11

Club Coaching Report

  • Trackmyspeed
  • Other Clubs

The Trackmyspeed Chart shows 2 out of 3 athletes will achieve an All-American title (Top 8 athletes participating in the USATF National Junior Olympics) within 2-to-11 months of a Trackmyspeed year of training.  The Other Clubs Chart shows 1 out of 4 athletes will achieve an All-American title training with other club teams.

Trackmyspeed take great pride in developing our own champions from the ground up.  Our research and statistical analysis shows training year-round has its benefits.  Our base training season is 6 months, which is 2 months longer than an actual High School season.  Our competition season is 5 months, which is 1 month longer than an actual High School season.  So basically one Trackmyspeed training year is equal to three high school track seasons.

At Trackmyspeed, we don’t collect athletes for fun nor recreational reasons.  We find families that best fit our program.  With a great match, we are able to groom and develop all of our athletes.  By default most of our athletes qualify for their High School State Championships and are more likely to advance to finals.


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